5 Tips for Creative Web Copy

It’s a fact. Almost all websites kind of sound the same. In a world of “vanilla,” we’re lacking the chocolate chips, sprinkles, and whipped cream. If you feel like your web copy needs a makeover — and some added sparkle — then consider splashing in one (or all) of the below strategies. Cut out the […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

Chances are, you’re using email marketing frequently to reach your customers. Email marketing is a tried and true way to keep your audience informed and up to date on your products and services. It’s free, it’s easy and let’s face it — we all kind of live within our email inboxes, making it the perfect place […]

3 Blogs Every Writer Should Follow

3 Blogs Every Writer Should Follow

If you do any kind of writing for a living, then you know the importance of staying well read. Reading frequently allows us to keep our skill-set sharp. It also allows us to be exposed to other writing styles and apply them to our own craft. Whether you’re a freelance writer who writes long-form journalism […]