Web Design: Best Practices That Will Impress Your Visitors

web design

If you want to have an impressive website, it’s quite simple: keep the end user in mind. That makes sense, right? With all the latest and greatest web designs out there, there are two worth investing in: User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI). So web design features strike a chord with the end user? […]

Custom WordPress Site vs WordPress Theme Template

Custom WordPress Site

It may shock you to hear that not all WordPress sites are created equal. WordPress is ideal for creating custom websites that look exactly how you want. And while custom vs. theme may sound like similar terms if they have the word “WordPress” in front of it, there are distinct differences between the two. Today […]

Landing Page vs Website: Which Do You Need?

landing page vs website

You need to make a good first impression to shine online with potential customers, so should you do it through a landing page vs a website, or do you need both? Today we’re going to help you understand the difference between a landing page and a website and the specific purpose they provide to grab […]

Can I Build a Custom WordPress Site Myself?

WordPress Website

There’s no doubt WordPress provides everything you need to create a stunning custom website. After all, with all the flexibility and customization options available, it’s the no-brainer choice. Plus, it can support nearly any type of business, including e-commerce stores, blogs, and nonprofits. With all its capabilities, you might be wondering, “can I build a […]

Website Security Tips – Common WordPress Malware Infections

website security

WordPress is an increasingly popular option for building a website due to its excellent capabilities and user-friendly format. However, with popularity comes the susceptibility to malware infections, and WordPress is no exception. Malware is a piece of software or code created to damage a system to gain unauthorized access to it. Depending on its type, […]