You Too Can Create a Video Podcast

video podcast

Just because you’re a podcast newbie, doesn’t mean you can’t create your own. We have a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for, create, and produce a professional video podcast. To learn more about our marketing services, visit: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram: Twitter: Read the Full Discussion Below Sarah: Good morning! […]

Should You Start a Podcast in 2021?

Podcasting is an industry that is growing exponentially in 2021. With mobile podcasts taking the media world by storm, you may be wondering if you should start your own podcast. Is there even enough room for you? Today we wanted to speak to this and help you answer those two questions. If you’ll stick with […]

How to Start a Podcast

Compared to other mediums, podcasts are relatively new, so there are tons of opportunities for you to show off your business on this platform.  According to a recent blog on, there are just under one million podcast episodes compared to over 500 million blogs and 31 million YouTube channels. Of course, some categories are […]