Above the Fold Optimization: Content Tips to Improve Your Website

above the fold

There’s a prime piece of real estate sitting on your website.  You may not have heard of the term “above the fold,” but it serves an important role in your web design. When utilized correctly, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor in terms of usability and engagement and ultimately increasing your engagement rates. You […]

How to Write Content for Google SERP

how to write content

Your content needs to satisfy both the user and search engines. There’s no way around it. The SERP (search engine results page) is a crowded place with lots of competition. In order to have any chance of improving your SERP ranking, you need to know what both Google and your target audience are looking for. […]

One SEO Practice Every Business Should Be Doing

seo factors

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the competition and get in front of their customers. SEO is a vital marketing tool to make that happen. While there are lots of tactics that need to be applied on an ongoing basis, there is one specific component that Google is doubling down on – user experience. Today, […]