4 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Website

optimize your website

As a small business owner creating a website may feel like a huge accomplishment. In many ways, it is! If it’s not reaching people, though, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your site may be or world-changing your product is. You need customers, real people finding it online. This is where optimizing your website is key.  […]

3 Simple SEO Strategies

seo strategies

SEO is an ever-changing, ever-growing topic that can make it difficult to keep up with. So if you’re finding yourself overwhelmed by your SEO endeavors, fear not! Small, practical changes can go a long way in helping you turn the ship.  So many people and companies feel overwhelmed when it comes to their SEO and […]


WordPress Themes

WordPress is widely recognized as the most popular platform to create a custom website. Statistics show that it powers 38% of the internet, meaning that 1 in every 3 websites you visit is likely a WordPress site. It’s a powerful content management system (CMS) that has helped millions of users design and launch websites. It […]