3 Reasons Video is King in 2021

video marketing 2021

Video marketing is the undeniable king of 2021. When we say it’s undeniable, we mean it. The statistics alone prove that video is the most powerful tool you can use for online marketing. Whether it’s on YouTube, social media, or on your brand’s website, video is an incredible sales tool. If 2020 proved anything, it’s […]

The Best Formula For Making Videos

The Best Formula For Making Videos

The best part about a powerful video is that it’s engaging and easy to follow. Our attention spans are short, so if your video lacks structure, good content, and a motivator, your viewership will suffer. Videos should be focused and intentional. In other words, if it doesn’t contain a solution, a call to action, and […]

5 Quick Tips for Better Mobile Videos

Years ago, a filmmaker or videographer wouldn’t dare shoot a video with their smartphone. But that’s all changed. Smartphones have improved their video quality capabilities so much in recent years that they are being used more and more in shooting high-end videos. With features such as 4K, raw, and slow-motion shots, this pocket-sized production device […]

How To Get More Views On YouTube with TubeBuddy

When it comes to YouTube, it’s often assumed that the only way your videos will get noticed is by having millions of followers or capturing that one viral moment.  However, there’s a little secret weapon out there that will have a huge impact on your YouTube Channel: TubeBuddy. TubeBuddy is an innovative software platform that […]