Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

Hard to believe we are talking about 2023. We’re knocking on the door of a new year, and what better way to get ready than to talk about trends? Last year we gave you six digital marketing trends that we predicted were on the horizon for 2022. So, were we right, or way off? Today, we’re going to open the vault to see how accurate our predictions were last year and what we believe will be the heavy hitters in digital marketing trends for 2023.

Welcome to Marketing and a Mic. We’re here to give you a variety of digital marketing trends, tips, and helpful guides to help your business get results. In 2022, nearly every area of digital marketing evolved. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to see what we predicted would be on the horizon in 2022. 

Wow! I think we got nearly all of those predictions correct. Let’s see if we can do it again in 2023.


#1 Uptick in AI and Machine Learning

Undoubtedly, we will see an uptick in the use of AI and Machine Learning. AI is a program designed to mimic how humans think and act. It uses online data collections of human behavior and performs these same tasks just as humans would. Think of chatbots as an example.

Machine Learning is an application of AI. It’s the process of collecting and studying data and patterns from which AI can model its behavior. Actual humans reap the benefits of this with more seamless and customized online experiences. We’re able to have more data at our fingerprints to understand the behaviors of our customers, create more efficient online experiences for them, and make better, faster decision-making on our marketing efforts.

Users have adapted quickly to the AI experience, to the point where it’s become the norm to receive a more customized online experience that is catered to our specific needs. Rather than the same old coupons or one-size-fits-all sales promos, marketers will need to incorporate AI-driven marketing campaigns and adapt their content based on real-time data about their customer’s preferences and behavior.

In 2023, businesses need to use AI and Machine Learning to help develop more personalized offers, optimize ad campaigns, and better predict the customer’s sales cycle.


#2 Improved User Experience

Just like in 2022, we will see even more improvements in user experience. User Experience is the ability to deliver content to the end user that perfectly aligns with exactly what they are looking for. Search engines can study how we interact online and, in turn, provide us with a more tailored online experience.

AI data is used to help improve user experience. This can be anywhere from automated processes, ab testing, and assisting designers to great websites and apps that are personalized to the user’s needs and preferences. Your website’s design and user experience can be a differentiating factor between attracting and repelling customers.

To improve UX with your business in 2023, consider incorporating these marketing trends:

  • Simple and clean website design
  • Voice-activated interfaces
  • “Scrolly-telling”: the form of storytelling in which the story unfolds as the users scroll down the page (pull up Wisestamp website)
  • Increase in video content

By having all this information available, business owners can start to identify their customers’ goals, pain points, what motivates them to make a purchase, and ways you can help solve their problems.


#3 Increased Investment in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is social media marketing that involves working with individuals with a significant influence in promoting your brand or product. Whether you like this trend or not, many marketers are benefiting from influencers to help them reach a broad audience quickly and pursue them to make a purchase.

Companies that collaborate with influencers can see greater returns on their investment with this. Influencers can also create content for you in the form of video ads that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

For many, seeing an endorsement from someone they admire and trust can heavily influence their purchase decisions. You can use tools such as Sideqik to vet and hire for your brand. Be careful to choose someone representative of your brand and values.


#4 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We will continue to see the importance of businesses showing their awareness of the world around them and how they are doing their part to improve it. One study reported that over half of US consumers now include values in their purchase choices and 66% are willing to pay more for brands that demonstrate social commitment. This has become a staple for younger generations. They realize they are inheriting the effects of climate change, the economy, and other past behaviors and are determined to do something about it.

In 2023, companies need to ensure that they are taking steps to improve the welfare of society, the economy, and the environment. Social responsibility can come in many shapes and forms, but one thing is clear – ignoring it will not be beneficial in the long run.

Here are some of the most common examples of Social Responsibility:

  • Reducing carbon footprints
  • Improving labor policies
  • Incorporating programs for mental health
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion policies
  • Charitable giving
  • Community volunteering
  • Corporate policies that benefit the environment
  • Connecting and financially contributing to special causes



TikTok is no longer a new player in the digital marketing field but will continue to break barriers and dominate. One of the reasons for TikTok’s growth is its ability to have something for everyone. While it still captures most younger audiences, its capabilities continue to grow with the use of TikTok ads, TikTok for business, and, more recently, its expansion into the news. This goes to show it’s evolving into a platform that extends beyond just entertainment. These updates are making it easier for businesses to succeed and have their own space. TikTok is also expanding its search capabilities as more and more people are treating TikTok as a search engine.

In fact, a report from NBC news revealed that over 40% of Gen Z users use social media platforms like TikTok for search rather than Google. This product or brand discovery shift is massive for businesses, especially those prioritizing traditional SEO over social media marketing. TikTok recently tested an update that would allow specific keywords within comments to become searchable buttons.

With the shift in consumer behavior and the popularity of TikTok, companies should consider hopping on the TikTok train and adapting their SEO practices to help new users discover their business. That’s a wrap for us today. What did you think of our 2023 predictions? Are there any we missed that you think will be growing more next year? let us know in the comments.

We hope this helped you with your digital marketing plan for 2023, so you can put your best foot forward. Don’t forget that our podcast also goes live on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and you can catch the replay on Instagram. You can also subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more resources to help your digital marketing plan.