New Google Business Profile User-Interface: What’s Changed

New Google Business Profile

As the expression goes, “New Year, New You.” Google is also applying its own version with New Year, New User Experience. If you haven’t logged into your Google Business Profile in a while, you’re in for a significant change. GBP has a different look, along with several features on the new interface. This enhanced profile experience comes with a lot more functionality and some critical changes. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s new and what’s improved with the new Google Business Profile interface.


New Google Business Profile

One of the most noticeable changes is that users are no longer able to edit their profiles within the dashboard. Previously, users would have to go to all the separate sections within their dashboard to edit information, add new photos, or make changes to existing products or services. Now, once you log into the email address associated with your business, you’ll be able to make changes directly on Google Search. You’ll see the dashboard interface at the top of your search page, along with a row of icons that correspond to each section of your profile:


New Google Business Profile As you can see, all the information is now displayed in one place and all at the top of your SERPs. There have also been some terminology changes. What was called ‘posts”‘in Google is now referred to as ‘updates.’ In addition, ‘users’ are now called “managers.’


What’s Changed

Along with the optimized interface, some other notable changes have occurred. Here’s what you need to know.

Photo Insights is Gone

One surprising change with the new GBP User-Interface is the loss of Photos Insights. This feature provided data around the types of views the photos in your profile received. These metrics were broken up into customer photos and owner photos that were uploaded and how your photos compared to other similar businesses. Many complained about the inaccuracies of these metrics, which may have led to their disappearance.

Booking, Q & A, and Advertise Are More Visible

Within the dashboard, more features appear right up front. Managers can now easily access GBP features like Booking Q & A and Advertise. You can also click the downward arrow icon in the bottom right to expand the menu and see more options. The “booking’ icon lets customers book appointments directly on your profile. This makes it convenient for customers to take action immediately, so don’t neglect to tap into this option. The “Q&A’ icon enables customers to type in a question that is sent directly to you. This is an excellent feature to have to not only build a quick customer rapport but highlight areas about your business that may need to be more visible to customers. The ‘Advertise’ icon allows you to create an ad to help promote your business on Google.

Advanced Features Menu

Some other regularly used features have moved to an Advanced Features Menu. This can be accessed by clicking on the three dots at the top right of your new navigation menu:

New User Interface

Within the advanced menu, you’ll have the ability to manage the following:

  • Business Profile Settings
  • Notifications
  • Add a new Business Profile
  • Your Business Profile
  • Help & Support
  • Send Feedback
  • Terms of Service

Google Suggestions

You may have noticed a scrollable banner below the options of various suggestions from Google. The options that you see are not random. Google will suggest certain features to turn on based on their assessment of your business and other timely events or seasonal changes on the horizon. For example, around certain holidays, Google will remind you to update your store hours in the event your business will be closed or will remain open longer than normal business hours:

New Google Business Profile

Oftentimes, Google’s tips are very timely, so it’s important to keep checking in to your GBP and make edits that could help improve your profile and experience for potential customers.

Performance Metrics

If you relied on Google’s performance metrics, you’d notice the old performance dashboard is no longer accessible. Google used to provide a handy pie chart illustrating your searches and grouping them by direct, discovery and branded visits. With this new update, the “how customers search for your business” section is gone. If you leaned on these metrics, you’ll need to download data from the business dashboard ( or access it via the API.


Final Thoughts

Like all new changes, Google’s new user interface has received praise and frustration. While some find the new icon dashboard easy to navigate, others find it difficult to locate other essential features they use regularly. Whether or love it or not, the best way to adjust is to familiarize yourself with the changes. You may even discover some new options that could benefit your business. When it’s all said and done, your Google Business Profile’s purpose is to help your potential customers. If set up correctly, it can be a great tool to bring in quality leads.

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