Breaking Down the Basics of Online Reputation Management

The basics of online reputation management

Your business’s reputation isn’t just shaped by your actions—it’s defined by what others have to say about you. With the internet empowering users to voice their opinions freely, managing your online reputation is important for customer relationships and building trust with potential customers. Online reputation management involves a strategic approach aimed at enhancing how people […]

Branding 101: Building the Foundation of Your Business Identity

Branding 101

When you’re starting a small business, you might hear the word “branding” tossed around a lot. It sounds fancy and a bit intimidating, and you might wonder if it’s something you should be sweating about. Spoiler alert: You should, but don’t worry, it’s not as complex as it sounds! Our exploration into Branding 101 highlights […]

What Branding Is and What It Isn’t

what branding is

What is a Brand? What isn’t a Brand? You might be surprised that branding has very little to do with your design, your product, and even YOU. Is your mind blown yet? We’re going to define exactly what branding is and how to build a powerful branding strategy. To learn more about our marketing services, […]

5 Things to Consider When Creating a Logo

creating a logo

Creating a logo is more than crafting a symbol or a simple written-out name. It’s an essential part of building your brand and plays a crucial role in helping your customers identify your business. That’s why it’s so important to have a unique logo! Before you ever design one, take your time and flesh out […]