Buyer Personas: Who is Buying Your Product?

When you think about who is buying your product, the answer shouldn’t be somebody breathing with a checkbook. We’re going to talk about a very helpful technique called Buyer Personas, which will help you determine who is buying your product and what influences them to buy. To learn more about our marketing services, visit: […]

Biz Talk with Scott Stearns of MortgageBanc

kelly daniel

Scott Stearns of MortgageBanc joins us for a TWO part Biz Talk series that everyone will benefit from. Scott has 19 years in the mortgage industry & will be dropping a lot of knowledge & advice for navigating the housing market. We will also cover credit 101 & how to prepare or repair your credit […]

How to Use Pinterest for Marketing

Have you been looking to diversify your marketing strategy and reach a new audience? There are so many different platforms out there for you to use these days. One that you may have overlooked could be Pinterest. It’s not just for recipes anymore! With over 2 billion searches per month and over 300 million users […]

Biz Talk with David Allen of JD Allen Services, LLC

kelly daniel

David Allen is the owner of JD Allen Services and a state-certified electrician. From inspections to repairs, he understands it all when it comes to electrical needs. He’ll join the Fusion Lounge with some incredible and eye-opening tips that we all need to be aware of. To learn more about our marketing services, visit: […]