Are Shrinking Attention Spans Changing the Way We Market?

attention spans

Are shrinking attention spans changing the way we market? Are our attention spans really the problem? We’ve all heard about how our attention spans continually decrease year after year. They say we’re down to only 8 seconds of focus on one thing. While I’m sure we can all agree that we don’t have the same […]

Breaking Down the Basics of Online Reputation Management

The basics of online reputation management

Your business’s reputation isn’t just shaped by your actions—it’s defined by what others have to say about you. With the internet empowering users to voice their opinions freely, managing your online reputation is important for customer relationships and building trust with potential customers. Online reputation management involves a strategic approach aimed at enhancing how people […]

Crafting Successful Advertising Campaigns

Advertising Campaigns

Whether you are advertising on Google, Instagram, or YouTube, the concept is the same: drive more sales. The competition is steep, and finding new ways to attract customers is the name of the game. Technology is giving marketers new abilities to reach consumers, but the ongoing challenge of how to win them over remains the same. […]