Google Testing AI Tools to Help Create Ad Campaigns

Bill Gates predicts that given the drastic jump in AI use, top AI agents will replace search and shopping sites. He says, “You’ll never go to a Search site again. You’ll never go to Amazon.” Bill Gates suggests that AI could completely reinvent how we search and shop online. He warns that it could make […]

ChatGPT Chatbot: The AI Tool Everyone is Talking About

ChatGPT Chatbot

By now, you’ve probably heard of the ChatGPT chatbot, an AI-generated content tool that the internet is obsessing about.  While many are embracing this powerful tool, others are concerned about the impact this could have on plagiarism, over-reliance, and replacing human intelligence.  Today, we will take a deep dive into ChatGPT’s benefits, and limitations and […]

Bard AI: Google Testing an Alternate AI Search Page

Bard Google AI

Google has been relatively slow to the AI chat game, but all that has changed. With ChatGPT being a viral sensation, Google immediately shifted gears into developing its AI alternatives. Google Bard is a new search page currently in the testing phase that offers features similar to ChatGPT. It seeks to combine a wide range […]