Google Announcement: New Changes to Mobile Search

Google Announcement

Significant changes are coming ahead to mobile search. The recent Google announcement claims they’re rolling out new features to enhance how people search using their mobile devices. Some of these features are already available. These updates are all meant to build on Google’s longstanding goal; to make it possible to search for many things in […]

Scaling Your Business for Change

scaling your business

Is your organization ready for change or growth? You’re first thought might be, “of course, I can handle more customers, business, change, etc.” But that may not be true if you haven’t taken a hard look at some key components of your business. Today we’re going to talk about steps to take in evaluating the […]

Achieve Business Goals Using the CIGAR Method

We’ve come across a great process of self-discovery to help you determine the current realities of your business, what your ideal outcome would be, and action steps to get where you want to go to achieve business goals. Like all good things, this methodology was too good not to share. Today we’re going to talk […]

Customer Retention Strategies to Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer Retention Strategies

What’s better than acquiring new customers? Keeping your current ones. While there’s a certain sense of satisfaction in bringing in new customers, maintaining your current customers can be cheaper, more profitable, and even easier than customer acquisition. Today we’re going to talk about brand-tested customer retention strategies to keep your current customers loyal, happy, and […]