What is a Visual Search?

Visual Search

Visual searches are the way of the future. Online giants like Google and Pinterest have rolled out this new feature to help their users even more precise searches. With how new this feature is, many people still don’t even know it’s an option. So, what is a visual search? It’s where a user can upload […]

5 Quick Tips for Better Mobile Videos

Years ago, a filmmaker or videographer wouldn’t dare shoot a video with their smartphone. But that’s all changed. Smartphones have improved their video quality capabilities so much in recent years that they are being used more and more in shooting high-end videos. With features such as 4K, raw, and slow-motion shots, this pocket-sized production device […]

How Mobile Optimization Can Help Boost Your SEO

How Mobile Optimization Can Help Boost Your SEO Optimizing your website for mobile devices is a must today. A majority of internet users access the internet through mobile devices, mostly smartphones. If your website doesn’t render completely on a small screen, chances are you could inadvertently end up driving away potential customers. On the technical […]