Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines: New Updates

Google announced several updates to their Search Quality Rater Guidelines, and it’s pretty clear what they are trying to accomplish. In this article, we’ll break down what’s changing and get a better understanding of what algorithms Google wants to see as it relates to E-A-T.   What is Google Search Quality Rater? There are over […]

Achieve Business Goals Using the CIGAR Method

We’ve come across a great process of self-discovery to help you determine the current realities of your business, what your ideal outcome would be, and action steps to get where you want to go to achieve business goals. Like all good things, this methodology was too good not to share. Today we’re going to talk […]

How Schema Markup Can Improve Site Performance

Have you noticed how refined Google’s search results have become? Whether it’s the key ingredients to a great apple pie or how to sand down hardwood floors, Google has fine-tuned its content by providing the precise answer you need without you having to sift through loads of content. Google has been working overtime to get […]

Website Security Tips – Common WordPress Malware Infections

website security

WordPress is an increasingly popular option for building a website due to its excellent capabilities and user-friendly format. However, with popularity comes the susceptibility to malware infections, and WordPress is no exception. Malware is a piece of software or code created to damage a system to gain unauthorized access to it. Depending on its type, […]

NEW LinkedIn Features and Updates

New LinkedIn Features

When it comes to business development, job opportunities, and professional interactions, LinkedIn sits on the throne of professional networking – and they know it. LinkedIn has been consecutively implementing news updates to improve accessibility, user services, live streams, events, you name it. Today we’re going to talk about some of the new LinkedIn features that […]