Data Aggregators: What They Are and Why They Are Important

data aggregators

If you Google the phrase “data aggregators” or “define data aggregation,” you’ll get a lot of technical, confusing definitions. So today, we want to walk you through this technical topic freshly and understandably so that as a small business owner or marketer, you can understand it without a technical background.  Data aggregation is when data […]

TikTok Trumps Google

world's most popular website

As of 2021, Google has officially taken a backseat and is no longer the world’s most popular website. In fact, the popular video platform TikTok is the new winner according to popularity rankings. Everyone expected that maybe Bing or Facebook or another pre-existing website would be the first to take down this tech giant. Many […]

How Customers Prefer to Contact Businesses

customer service strategies

With chatbots, text messages, messenger, and so on, it has become increasingly easier for customers to contact businesses. So, what do they prefer? We’re going to share our findings with you, and some important takeaways to ensure you’re offering the channels customers want to see. To learn more about our marketing services, visit: Facebook: […]

Social Media and SEO Part 2

social media and seo

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog series, answering the question of whether social media impacts SEO. If you haven’t read part one, we highly recommend that you head to that blog post and read it first, as a lot of this post will not make sense if you haven’t. The short answer to this […]