Apple’s Generative AI Expected Later This Year

Apple's Generative AI

Imagine what we could do with generative AI integrated into Apple’s software. For most of us, a smartphone, commonly an iPhone, comes with us everywhere we go. We rely on it for hundreds of tasks daily. If it’s not a phone, then it’s an iPad or a laptop. Now, think about what we could do […]

Google Ads Checklist: Getting Started with Google Ads

Google Ads

Google Ads, Google’s online advertising platform, allows businesses to display ads on Google’s search results pages and across its network. This powerful tool can dramatically increase visibility and drive targeted traffic to your website if used correctly. However, launching a successful ad campaign involves careful planning and a clear understanding of the platform’s features. To […]

Marketing 101: Breaking Down The Basics of Digital Marketing

Marketing 101

So, you’ve started a business, or maybe you’re thinking about shaking things up with your current marketing strategy. Well, you’re in the right spot! Today, we’re diving into digital marketing. It’s not just a buzzword; it’s an important tool that can help get your business in front of and connect with potential customers in ways […]

What is Off-Page SEO? Are you doing it?

what is off-page SEO

There are two SEO parts to ranking on Google. If you’re struggling to rank, it could be that you’re focusing on one type rather than incorporating both simultaneously. So, what are the two types of optimizations? Off-page SEO and on-page SEO. Based on the title, you may have guessed that on-page SEO is more often […]

Is it Real or is it AI?

AI Detector

Have you ever seen a crazy picture going around social media or images of a celebrity doing something shocking? Do you fall into the trap, or do you take a step back and wonder if it may be AI? These days, it can be incredibly difficult to tell what’s real and what’s not on the […]