4 Simple Steps to Optimize Your Website

optimize your website

As a small business owner creating a website may feel like a huge accomplishment. In many ways, it is! If it’s not reaching people, though, it doesn’t matter how beautiful your site may be or world-changing your product is. You need customers, real people finding it online. This is where optimizing your website is key. […]

Canva Features You May Not Know About

canva features

Calling all Canva lovers! Hang on to your hats because we’ve got some great Canva secrets to share with you. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show you some AMAZING Canva features to take your creations to the next level! From templates to keyword searches, to special effects and video tools, this show has it all! […]

Social Media Commerce, Is It for You?

social commerce

Social media was a massive turn in how eCommerce companies did business. Being able to market directly to users where they spend their time online was huge! Today more than ever, it’s a huge bolster to companies. Now, companies are starting to have the opportunity to sell to consumers directly through social media channels. Customers […]

4 Marketing Laws Every Business Needs to Know About

marketing laws

Creating a marketing campaign is a daunting task all its own. Market research, content creation, keyword research… the list goes on. This is especially true for small business owners and those who don’t have massive budgets to outsource this portion of their business. As you go about creating a marketing campaign, one thing you can’t […]