Cross-Selling and Upselling to Your Current Customers


Cross-selling and upselling are two brilliant ways to nurture your current customer base and generate more sales. Since existing customers make up most of a company’s revenue, it only makes sense to use methods to boost sales and keep your customers happy. Although upselling and cross-selling have similar outcomes, their techniques are very different. In […]

Local Search Improvements – Google’s Vicinity Update

local search

Google recently released the biggest local search algorithm change in the last 5 years called the Vicinity Update. This shakeup has impacted business across the board, leaving some in a better position while others have suffered.  If you have seen changes in your SEO rankings and website analytics in recent weeks, this is likely the […]

SEO Strategies to Win the Rank War

seo strategies

As technology advances, SEO does right along with it. We’re going to talk about 5 winning SEO strategies that will give you a good boost in your rankings online. Welcome to Marketing and a Mic. We’re here each week to give you a variety of digital marketing tips, trends, and useful guides all to help […]