LinkedIn Update: Algorithm Changes Outlined

LinkedIn Updates

Like most social platforms, LinkedIn continues to update and improve its algorithm. Shifting from the traditional time-based content delivery, LinkedIn is now providing a more personalized content matchmaking experience. The latest feed update aims to deliver content that’s not just recent but truly relevant to each individual user’s interests and professional journey. Imagine logging into […]

Mission Statements that Encourage Conversion

Mission Statements

Every interaction counts when it comes to running a business, and the competition out there can be fierce. A well-crafted mission statement can really set you apart, guiding potential customers to you based on what makes you unique from all the other brands out there. In this aspect, mission statements can be a powerful tool […]

How to Create a Google Business Profile Video

How to Create a Google Business Profile Video

You may have heard about Google Business Profiles and the importance of having a video. While you may not have the ability to record a high-quality video about your business, you can create one with Canva. A Google Business Profile (GBP) is a way for businesses to showcase who they are, what they do, where […]

Beginner’s Guide to Search Ads

Beginner's Guide to Search Ads

Search ads, often called Google Ads, are the special listings you see at the top and bottom of search results. They work like this: when someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays a small fee. In this Beginner’s Guide to Search Ads, we’ll cover the basics of search ads, like how they work and […]