A Case for “Ugly” Social Media

Every social media manager has felt it — that sinking feeling of comparing our social media feeds with others. We look at “those perfect feeds” and instantly begin judging our own. We say to ourselves: Our lighting isn’t consistent. Our captions aren’t witty. Our photo quality is crummy. Social media can put us in a […]

Tips for Establishing a Quality Podcast

quality podcast

Looking to start a quality podcast? Consider taking the below steps before hitting play. Like any other project, laying a solid foundation can help ensure a quality result:  1. Define Your Audience Before launching your podcast, consider defining your audience. Who do you want to listen to your podcast? Are they young? Old? What’s their income […]

Why When You Write Matters

Do you manage a website for your company? Are you in charge of your business’s newsletter? Do you write a blog? If the answer is yes, then you probably know all to well the terrible feeling of writer’s block. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. We’re at a loss of words — […]