Why When You Write Matters

Do you manage a website for your company? Are you in charge of your business’s newsletter? Do you write a blog?

If the answer is yes, then you probably know all to well the terrible feeling of writer’s block. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. We’re at a loss of words — literally. There’s no inspiration left in our creative well and we’re ready to throw in the towel.

Well, there could be a simple solution to your problem.

When you write matters.

write for SEOBecause we’re programmed to map out our days in a 9 to 5 pm fashion, we often “schedule” our blocks of time to write. While this behavior is healthy, it might not match up with our natural rhythm of when we’re feeling most creative.

Studies have shown that early in the morning is one of the best times to write. Yes, this means you’ll have to resist the temptation to hit “snooze” on your alarm clock — but trust us, it’s well worth it. Oftentimes by the end of the day, we’re burned out and bogged down. We’ve had a full day’s worth of emails, meetings and errands. Our creative reservoirs are dry.

And while some us might thrive best by burning the midnight oil and cranking out countless paragraphs, for most of us, that’s usually not the case.

Our best piece of advice is this: take note of when you feel most creative. Is it right when you wake up? Is it after your first meal? Is it after you’ve put in some sweat time at the gym? Find out when that time falls during the day, and stick to it. Make that time your designated “writing time.” Don’t try and schedule it around meetings and deadlines, but rather find the special time that works best for your brain (sound silly, but it works!)