Tips for Establishing a Quality Podcast

quality podcastLooking to start a quality podcast? Consider taking the below steps before hitting play. Like any other project, laying a solid foundation can help ensure a quality result: 

1. Define Your Audience

Before launching your podcast, consider defining your audience. Who do you want to listen to your podcast? Are they young? Old? What’s their income level? These are important questions to ask yourself. By defining your audience, you ensure that your language, music selections and potential guests will resonate with your listeners.

2. Establish Your “Why”

Every good podcast should have a “why.” Your “why” is what you hope your audience will gain by listening to your message. Your “why” should steer every episode. Take some time and write down your “why” and let it lead you through each episode.

3. Outline Your Episodes

Every episode should follow a similar format. Listeners should expect a certain “rhythm” from each of your podcast’s episodes. This could look like the below:

  • Intro music
  • Narrator’s introduction
  • Introduce guest (if applicable)
  • Launch into body of podcast
  • Tease to next episode
  • Exit music

Brand Your “Look”

Like anything else in the marketing world, your podcast will need a definable brand “look.” This could include a logo, your headshot or music. Establishing a brand look allows listeners to better recognize your podcast. Also, when choosing a name, it’s best to keep it simple. Make sure your podcast’s name communicates your “why.”