Our Favorite Marketing Podcasts

Let’s face it. Most of us rarely have time to sit down and read a book cover to cover. Unless we’re on vacation or sitting in a busy airport, finding quiet time to read is difficult. However, in order to be a relevant marketer, you can’t afford to stop learning. Marketing isn’t a stagnant field — as you well know. But who has time to plow through a long list of books?

Marketing Podcasts

Enter the podcast.

Podcasts offer easily consumed episodes of audio content that you can listen to pretty much anywhere. If you’re looking to improve your marketing or sales strategies, check out these podcasts:

The Growth Show

Sometimes it’s best to hear it from the horse’s mouth. The Growth Show, a podcast led by Hupspot Marketing, interviews someone each week who has achieved remarkable growth in their business.

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Story Brand

Story Brand, led by marketing man Donald Miller, preaches the importance of clarifying your message to reach more people. Miller and his co-host interview an array of people from varied fields to give some of the best advice on making marketing easier and more effective.

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Marketing madman Gary Vaynerchuck takes a nontraditional approach to podcasting by repurposing his Youtube show to answer your questions directly. If you want honest feedback, Gary is your guy.

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Marketing Over Coffee

Led by John Wall and Christopher Penn, Marketing Over Coffee is the perfect podcast for marketers who want to make sure they’re in the know on all things marketing.

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Copyblogger FM

This is the place to get those burning marketing questions answered. Hosts Demian Farnworth and Jerod Morris explore all things copywriting and marketing in this sometimes comical podcast.

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