8 Reasons Why You Still Need a Blog

You’re busy. Between running a business, keeping the house clean and perhaps raising a family, the last thing on your to-do list is blogging.bloggingWe totally get it.Taking time to sit down, think of an interesting topic and flesh out your ideas seems impossible. Who still reads blogs, anyway? Well, even in a world of short attention spans, having a blog is still important for business growth. Here are 8 reasons why.

1. It gives you credibility

People like to buy products from experts — it’s a fact. By having a healthy blog, you’re letting readers know that you’re an expert in whatever you’re selling. It shows that you’ve taken the time to stay up to date with the latest news concerning your product and have read up on the latest updates in your field.

2. They let you understand your audience

Blog should first and foremost always be about your audience. It’s inevitable that by researching blog ideas, you in effect get in the mind of your customer. Since you’re writing for your audience, blogging forces you to get to know them better and speak their language.

3. Blogs make your brand more personable

Businesses with personality tend to engage more with their customers through savvy marketing and, you guessed it, blogging. Blogs are where you can share more information about yourself and about your business. It gives readers a chance to get to know the people behind the product and learn the reason why they believe in it so much.

4. It’s a lead generator

If you have a good blog, then you also have a good lead generator. Like anything else on your website, a blog should act as another outlet for potential customers to reach you. If your blog becomes a top source for relevant information, then it almost becomes inevitable that readers will think of you first when they need your product or service.

5. Blogs force you to research

Every good business person is constantly researching their field of expertise, right? Well, in a perfect world, that would be the case. However, thanks to blogging, you become somewhat “forced” to stay in the know.

6. Because your competition is doing it

Yep — there’s a good chance your number one competition has a blog. And because they do, you should probably be blogging, too.

7. It creates valuable content

At the end of the day, your blog is where you can get creative and produce authentic content that solely belongs to you. Blogs can also act as a diary, in a sense, providing chronological data of your journey in your specific business field.

8. They can help you measure success

If a certain blog post performs well, you’ll know by the amount of shares, comments and likes. This acts as a way to measure success and let you know what your audience is craving in terms of information. Use your blog as a way to test content and see what needs your customer has.

If you still need help with blogging, contact us today and we’ll help you out.