3 Signs You Need to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy

You mapped out an awesome marketing strategy a couple months ago— but is itmarketing Strategy still working? Even the best strategy can go stale. Because trends are always popping up and there are about a million ways to engage an audience, you should always be looking to change things up.If you have a sneaking suspicion that your marketing strategy needs some reviving, ask yourself these three questions. If you find yourself nodding your head, then it’s probably time to swap out your strategy for something new.

Are my leads running dry?

This is probably the most troubling sign that you need to draft a new strategy. If you’re no longer sparking interest in potential customers, then there’s a chance your strategy is stale. Even the most innovative, creative strategies can get old after a while. The good thing is, if you have a strategy you know works, sometimes just changing a few small details can make a big difference.

Is my social media presence stagnant?

Social media is one of the biggest marketing components to stay on top of. If you’re no longer getting new followers or seeing engagement levels rise, it might be time to reevaluate your strategy. Social media numbers should always be in the green.

Am I bored?

Marketing should always be exciting — yes, we said it! If you find yourself bored with your messaging, then that should be a big red flag that it’s time to change things up. Your marketing strategy should always feel like an exciting experiment that you want to check up on. If checking analytics and posting content ever feels like a chore, then it might be time to get fresh imagery or take a break to get some perspective on a new strategy.