Custom WordPress Site vs WordPress Theme Template

Custom WordPress Site

It may shock you to hear that not all WordPress sites are created equal. WordPress is ideal for creating custom websites that look exactly how you want. And while custom vs. theme may sound like similar terms if they have the word “WordPress” in front of it, there are distinct differences between the two. Today […]

3 Effective Marketing Materials Every Business Needs

marketing materials

Digital Marketing tools like your website, SEO, social media, and email newsletters are important to any effective plan. However, there are a few must-have marketing materials that will speak volumes about your brand and professionalism as a business. Combining a digital marketing strategy with the right marketing materials will help your company stay top-of-mind with […]

One SEO Practice Every Business Should Be Doing

seo factors

Everyone wants to stay ahead of the competition and get in front of their customers. SEO is a vital marketing tool to make that happen. While there are lots of tactics that need to be applied on an ongoing basis, there is one specific component that Google is doubling down on – user experience. Today, […]