Why You Should Stop Counting Your Followers

Everyone wants to be liked. It’s human nature. And when it comes to social media, that same yearning rings true. Thousands of followers on Facebook or umpteen “likes” on an Instagram posts means we are well liked, right? Not necessarily. While having a large audience is important to reaching more people, the amount of “followers” […]

5 Common Website Mistakes

A great website isn’t made overnight. Extensive planning and thought is required. Functionality and message clarity take time to develop. And while every website is different because every business is different, there are a few common mistakes that are seen across the spectrum. Here are 3 mistakes that we frequently see. 1. Unclear messaging Visitors […]

Our Favorite Marketing Trends of 2018 So Far

We’re still in the beginning of the year, but a few marketing trends have already risen to the top. Most trends have carried over from 2017, picking up momentum. Here are three broad trends from 2018 that we believe will continue to be key players in the marketing industry for the rest of the year. […]