5 Common Website Mistakes

A great website isn’t made overnight. Extensive planning and thought is required. Functionality and message clarity take time to develop. And while every website is different because every business is different, there are a few common mistakes that are seen across the spectrum. Here are 3 mistakes that we frequently see.

1. Unclear messaging

Visitors to your website should know within a few seconds what your brand is all about. Everything about your site — from the homepage to the imagery — should accurately reflect your brand message.

2. Not mobile friendly

Having a mobile-friendly site is paramount. Chances are, your customer is viewing your website from their smartphone and if it’s not working properly, then they’ll likely get frustrated and leave.

3. Lack of personality

While it’s important to be direct in your messaging, it’s also important to show some personality. Conveying personality allows your customers to develop a relationship with your brand, and thus remember you more.

4. Complicated POS

What’s the end game of all websites? To make a sale. If your point of sale is difficult to navigate or unreliable, then you have a major problem.

5. Slow load time

Arguably the most important aspect of a good website is fast load time. Customer attention span is limited, and if they’re wasting time trying to load your website, then they’re more likely to jump ship. Even if it means minimizing your content, it’s worth it to have a speedy load time.