Our Favorite Marketing Trends of 2018 So Far

We’re still in the beginning of the year, but a few marketing trends have already risen to the top. Most trends have carried over from 2017, picking up momentum. Here are three broad trends from 2018 that we believe will continue to be key players in the marketing industry for the rest of the year.

Emphasis on storytelling through video

Every major social media platform — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — now actively engage video to promote storytelling. With Instagram’s stories that can now be pushed to Facebook, there’s no excuse not to use video to stay in contact with your customers. Whether you use a polished marketing video or go live, there are countless ways to stream your business through video.


Customers now, more than ever, crave honesty. People have caught on to marketing gimmicks and know when they’re being fooled. Creating an honest campaign can instantly elevate your business in the eyes of the consumer. People appreciate authenticity and value a business that champion transparency.

Adding more value

This isn’t necessarily a trend specific to 2018, because it’s always been critical in effective marketing. Adding value to the customer is a trend that’ll never go out of style. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, keeping your customers’ needs at the forefront of your endgame will always be paramount to the health of your business. Seeking new and creative ways to add more value to your customer should always be a target in your content marketing strategy.