A Case for “Ugly” Social Media

ugly social mediaEvery social media manager has felt it — that sinking feeling of comparing our social media feeds with others. We look at “those perfect feeds” and instantly begin judging our own.

We say to ourselves:

  • Our lighting isn’t consistent.
  • Our captions aren’t witty.
  • Our photo quality is crummy.

Social media can put us in a tailspin of comparison. This often results in stagnation. We become afraid to post anything for fear of not matchup up.

It’s time to make a case for ugly social media. Yes, we said it. U-G-L-Y social media. Because beneath the aesthetics there is one thing that will always trump the perfect lighting and the beautiful overhead shots of trendy brunch meals. 


If what your posting has meaning and value and can help others, then post it. Even if it doesn’t fit perfectly into your “grid,” it still has value. At the heart of social media is the beauty of connecting with others and sharing quality information. Recite this to yourself every time you feel yourself hesitating to hit “publish.” Think of your audience and ask yourself, “is this helping them?” “how will they benefit from this?”

If the answer is yes, then you’re doing your job well. Now get out there and find some quality content.