The Number One Tip for Improving Your Writing

There are a million tips for improving your writing. But, if you had to ask us what our number one tip would be, well, that would be easy.

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improving your writingSounds simple, but it’s true and has stood the test of time. When we read, we unknowingly pick up on proper grammar and sentence structure.

Best part? You’ll also be exposed to new ideas and stories in the process. Reading can spark ideas and shape minds. It has always been one of those powerful activities we can do as humans, and nothing, we believe, will ever change that.

If you’re struggling where to get started (after all, there are millions of books to choose from!) then ask for recommendations from trusted friends. Or, better yet, go to your local bookstore (not the big-box kind, but the small one that has been around for decades) and ask the bookworm who owns the place for their best recommendations. Chances are, they’ll be flattered, and provide you with a long list of their favorites.

Schedule at least 30 minutes a day to sit down with a book and get to reading! Studies have shown that the most successful people take time to read daily. It can be as simple as the newspaper or a magazine. Just make sure you’re consuming quality content every day. Trust us, it’ll work wonders for your writing in the long run.