Google’s Page Experience Update

Google's Page Experience

Google’s Page Experience Update is coming in May. Let’s say it again “GOOGLE’S PAGE EXPERIENCE UPDATE IS COMING” in May.  This update encompasses what Google is calling the Core Web Vitals.  A lot of people are taking a wait-and-see approach to this update because of Google’s history.  We think this a big mistake and let […]

Chatbots vs. Live Chat

chatbots vs. live chat

Today we’ll be talking all about chatbots and live chat and how your customers feel about them. They’re both vastly different options that are here to serve different purposes and ultimately different price points. At the root of all this is customer service. If you’re looking at the difference between chat options, you need to […]

DIY Template Sites vs Custom-Built Websites

Thinking about investing in a new website for your business? Once you have made the decision, one question remains…should you go with a custom-built website or use a DIY template for your site? Which path best suits your business? Are there any major differences? We’re covering it all to help you decide! To learn more […]

Why You Need Google Analytics Now

Google Analytics

In an increasingly online world, it can be hard to keep up with all the tools, platforms, and changes taking place. How are you supposed to run your business, interact with customers, keep up with social media trends, all while working on your SEO ranking? It’s a lot for anyone to handle all at once. […]