5 Ways to Improve Your Click-Through Rate

Chances are, you’re using email marketing frequently to reach your customers. Email marketing is a tried and true way to keep your audience informed and up to date on your products and services. It’s free, it’s easy and let’s face it — we all kind of live within our email inboxes, making it the perfect place for all pertinent information to live.

Sometimes, however, we feel like we craft the perfect email message with an irresistible call to action… and we hear crickets. If you’ve ever found yourself in this sad position, consider one of the below five tips — all of which can help improve your click-through rate and ultimately lead to more sales. 

Email new contacts within 24 hours

New contacts are what we like to call “hot leads.” They have your product or service on their mind — which means now is the perfect time to jump into the conversation and push them closer to making a purchase. Setting up a way to email new contacts within 24 hours, or sooner, can be crucial to capturing more sales and gaining more loyal customers.

Click-Through Rate

Only include 1 CTA per email

It can be tempting to pack a bunch of CTA’s into one email. But trust us, sticking to one CTA is always the better choice. Instead of cramming a bunch of offers into one email, harp on one offer. Make it super simple and easy for your potential customer to purchase whatever it is you’re offering. 

Create a sense of urgency in your headline

Your headline is arguably the most important piece of text in your entire email. It introduces the offer or topic of conversation to the viewer. Putting a sense of urgency into your email like “sale ends at midnight!” or “low ticket alert!” can help edge buyers closer to making a purchase for fear that they don’t have much time left. Get creative with your headlines and make them as enticing as possible.

Pre-set the preview text

Do you know that small chunk of text that proceeds your subject? That piece of text is important. It’s kind of like the “sub-headline” of your email. It lets buyers know in a couple of words what they can expect from opening your email. Most email marketing services allow you to customize this text. Customize it with the most important chunk of information that you think will lead readers to make a purchase.

Email from a human name, not a business name

Lastly, emailing from a human name instead of a business name can greatly improve your click-through rate. Instead of emailing from yourbusiness@domain.com, email from JohnSmith@domain.com. Think about your email inbox. When you see a marketing email from a business it’s obvious. When you see a name, it makes you pause a second longer and consider if you know the sender. That second can break the “scrolling” mentality and capture your reader’s attention.