3 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

FB Ads

You just launched a new set of ads (and shelled out a bunch of money). You sit back, relax, and wait for the leads to pour in. Except, all you hear are crickets. This might be one of the worst feelings ever as a marketer. But, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, Facebook seems to work against us, and our ads produce nothing but headaches and empty wallets. If you’re experiencing this right now, your ads might be suffering from one of the below symptoms:

They look like everyone else’s FB ads

This is probably the most common kiss of death to any FB ad. We think that by mimicking our competitors that we’ll get ourselves a piece of the “lead pie.” The only problem is, our audience has seen that ad a million times, and it no longer registers as interesting or new. The good news is, this is a pretty easy problem to solve.

The fix: Repackage what you already have. For example, let’s say your ad’s creative is an overhead shot of cookies. Instead of a simple photo of cookies (something everyone has seen), put a new filter on it and splash in something interesting — like a puppy. This might sound odd because, after all, what do puppies and cookies have in common? Hopefully, your audience will clearly infer that you’re not selling the puppies BUT, the cute pooch might get them to stop scrolling. It’s an easy solution.

Your copy is bland

A lot of people think that copy is no longer important when it comes to FB ads. We’re here to tell you that’s a big ole bag of false. Content is still king, and your copy has to be good. More importantly, it can’t be boring.

The fix: Add in some emoji’s and break up “gray text” with spaces and bullets. Facebook now allows you to write mini novels in your copy, so take advantage of it! And, it might sound cheesy, but adding in emoji’s makes your copy less “gray,” and more colorful. Incorporate a bunch and make your audience look twice.

You’re not engaging

If your ad doesn’t have a bunch of likes, comments, and shares, then you’re not engaging the right way. The whole point of Facebook is to be social. It’s not a one-sided conversation, so your audience should be responding very clearly to your offer with comments and reactions. An easy way to solve this problem is to:

  • Ask questions
  • Respond to existing comments
  • Share your ads on your personal profile

If you start doing any of the above, Facebook will likely rank your ad higher because it’s getting more engagement. Problem solved!