How to Write the Perfect Email Subject Line

First impressions matter when it comes to emailing. So much so, that most research says about 50% of email recipients decided whether or not they’ll open an email by judging just the subject line.


So, how do you writer the perfect email subject line?

There are a few key components. Here are a few ways you can ensure your subject line catches the eye of your audience:

Make it urgent.

Creating a sense of urgency is key in getting your recipient to open your email. If they know the email’s contents will expire soon, they’re more likely to cash in on the deal asap. Urgency, or scarcity, compels readers to act now rather than later.

Be personal.

Like everything else in the marketing world, being authentic matters. When people feel like you took the time to speak to them specifically, they’re more likely to respond. And, because we know you can’t personally address every email, there are a few tricks to making it personal:

  • Begin your message with “Re:” — this implies you’ve been in conversation with the recipient, which creates an innate sense of familiarity.
  • Include the word “You” in the headline. This reinforces the idea to the reader that they are being specifically addressed.


Be short and sweet.

Lengthy headlines can bog down the importance of your message. By keeping your headline short and open-ended, you encourage the reader to read more (ahem, open the email) and explore your message more. Don’t feel like you need to hit all the details in the headline.


Time it right.

Consider when your recipient is on their phone most. Whatever time that is, schedule your email to release at that hour. Another point of consideration — know when your audience’s inbox is likely to get slammed with emails. Sometimes it’s best to stray from that hour, as your message could get lost in the shuffle.