4 Ways to Better Use Instagram and Increase Your Marketing Reach

Instagram is all about storytelling (with filters and fancy fonts). In a few short years, the social media platform has skyrocketed to the top along with other big players like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Many businesses have taken advantage of new Instagram features to promote their business and better engage with their customer base.

As Instagram continues to debut more updates and fun ways to engage with users, we’ve taken note on how you can better use the platform to increase your marketing reach. Here are four ways you can start reaching more people today through Instagram:

Show products on your story

If your business sells a tangible product, then you should definitely be taking advantage of the story feature on Instagram. After all, a picture is a worth a thousand words, but an Instagram story (with videos) is worth a million. One brand that has done a great job of using the stories feature to spotlight their products is Article. A home decor brand, Article frequently shows their products and “behind the scenes” shots on their story. Users get to see how their products are made and what they look like up close.

Find influencers

If you’re just getting your brand’s Instagram account off the ground, then you might want to investigate who the influencers are in your area. For example, say you just opened a bakery and want to get your name out there through Instagram. Do some research and find if there are any lifestyle bloggers in your city (chances are, there are quite a few!) Invite them over for a free slice of cake (or whatever delicious treat you’re peddling). Once your “influencer” posts a photo of your business (with a proper location tag), you’ll instantly be exposed to the countless followers in your influencer’s audience. Voila!

Use fonts and colors to establish a “brand aesthetic”

When Instagram first launched, stories didn’t exist and filters were limited. Now, brands have the creative liberty to play around with fonts, colors and a long list of photo editing features. Just like in any other area of marketing, establishing a brand “look” is key to establishing brand recognition. Play around with different fonts and filters and once you find a look you like, stick with it. This is an easy way to achieve a solid brand aesthetic.

Engage with your audience through polls

This is perhaps one of our favorite Instagram features for marketers. By using polls in your Instagram story, you can directly engage with your followers and get their feedback. Say goodbye to email surveys that no one wants to take! This is a fun and easy way to engage with your followers and improve your product or service.