How to Write a Compelling About Page

The “About Page” is arguably the most personal part of your website. It’s where youAbout Page take the time to show your company’s personality and share its values. Because About Pages are so personal, they can be difficult to craft. Unlike your Services Page, or your portfolio, you can’t just slap a few bullets on there and call it a day.

Before sitting down to write your About Page, consider the below four points. Use these as a roadmap to write something that’ll stick in the minds of your readers and make them remember your business.

1. Share Something Personal

Your About Page is where you can divulge some information about yourself. It’s been said that readers remember stories most. Here is where you can give a narrative about how your business began. People appreciate honesty — and by taking a moment to be a little informal, you can show your audience that you’re a real human with real struggles just like them.

2. Understand Your Audience

Just like all other pages on your website, the About Page should speak to one person — your ideal customer or consumer. Speak in their language. What are they specifically struggling with? Speak to those pain points and take the time to understand their needs. Once you understand your audience, the voice of all your copywriting should speak in that same tone.

3. Build Trust

Brand loyalty is essential to any strong business. Build trust with your customer on the About Page by letting them know how you’ve helped others with their same needs. This is where you can add social proof that your product or service works, adding credibility to your business.

4. Don’t Make it All About You

Despite it’s name, the About Page shouldn’t be all about you. Inform your readers of who you are and what you do, but keep the focus on the customer. Why do you feel so passionately about your product? How can you help your costumer? Why do you believe in your product? These are a few questions that’ll help keep the focus on the audience.