New Google Algorithm Update Aimed at Product Reviews

Google Algorithm Update

Google rolled out a third product review algorithm update, aimed to promote higher quality product reviews in the search results. Its primary focus is to elevate the rankings of product review content that demonstrate expertise, accurate and helpful information. In other words, Google’s objective is to provide transparent and first-hand product reviews above and beyond […]

The Importance of Online Reviews

the importance of online reviews

Whether it’s a restaurant, a new product, or a repair service, we all check out online reviews first to see what others are saying. A lot of businesses understand the importance of online reviews, but they may not understand exactly WHY they are so important to your online presence. So today we’re going to share […]

GA4: The Future of Analytics


Today’s multi-platform eCommerce system requires an integrated data system to match it. Creating a better experience for your customers online means having robust analytics to map the customer’s journey. Google Analytics 4 was introduced to address these evolving measurement standards, and we like what we’re seeing. By July 1, 2023, Google Analytics 3, also known […]