The Rise of YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts

First, it was Tik Tok, then it was reels. Now it’s YouTube Shorts. First released in September 2020, YouTube Shorts are now averaging 30 billion daily views, an increase of nearly 4x since last year. Much like Tik Tok, Shorts have seen a quick rise among viewers and creators alike since its inception. If you […]

Google “Near Me” Search Term Isn’t Optimized by Google

Google Near Me

For years, optimizing the Google search term “near me” was a common recommendation to boost your local SEO. However, with Google’s recent updates, this tactic might not be as beneficial as it once was. And businesses incorporating “near me” into their brand name might be doing more harm than good to their SEO strategy.   […]

SEO Competitor Analysis – How to Find Opportunities

seo competitor analysis

Understanding your competitors is one of the most powerful insights into finding new opportunities for your business. Marketing is all about explaining why you’re different and why you are the best fit for your customer’s needs. In order to position yourself best, you first need to understand what separates you from your competitors. Using data-driven […]

How to Measure Marketing Success

how to measure marketing success

Do you know how to measure your marketing success? If your business has a website and uses social media, SEO, and online ads, you should be tracking all your marketing efforts. Today, we will show you what tools are available for you to track the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts, measure their success, and […]