How to Re-Purpose A Review and Improve Your Social Media Engagement

We all know that five-star reviews are like social media gold. If you don’t already, you should routinely be checking your Facebook, Google page, Yelp page and anywhere else where reviews may pop up.

Getting good reviews, however, is only the first step of the social media engagement equation.

Once you get positive reviews, you must acknowledge that review and then repurpose it. Let’s break that down.

What does acknowledging a review look like?

Acknowledging reviews looks like “liking” the review, and then commenting on that review. Let your reviewer know that you appreciate them taking the time to write about their experience with your product or service. Say their name, and give them a personalized (non-generic) response that helps strengthen the customer-business relationship. This not only establishes brand loyalty, but it also helps improve your social media score because there is more engagement happening on your page. It’s a double win!

Share reviews.

Once you’ve acknowledged the reviewer and given them kudos, share the review on your social media account. This can look like any of the following:

  • Screenshot the review and share it on your page with a personal shout out to the reviewer.
  • Turn the review into a slick social media post that adheres to your overall brand look and feels.
  • Give them a shout out on your next Facebook live, Instagram live — whatever live streaming service you use to promote your brand!

Once other audience members see that you’re promoting your brand ambassadors, then they are more likely to engage with your product or service on social media. People love to be seen, to be heard — it’s in our DNA. Play into this instinct and share your reviews, which in turn helps improve your overall social media engagement.