3 Tricks for making your mornings more productive

We’ve all been there. The alarm goes off, we hit snooze, we wake up sometime later, and panic ensues. How we start our day has the power to drastically affect all our following waking hours. It’s like starting on the wrong foot. If our morning routine is off, then the rest of the day will feel wobbly and at worst, completely unproductive. If you find yourself struggling to “own” your mornings, then consider implementing one (or all!) of the below habits into your morning routine:

Designate 5 minutes for “Me Time”

While your mornings should undoubtedly be a time to be productive and check some items off your to-do list, they should also be a time to center yourself. Taking 5 minutes to meditate or dedicate to a “passion project” can realign your day and put you in a positive place. Chances are, your plate will only get heavier as the day goes on. If you can begin your day with thoughtfulness and gratefulness, then there’s a good chance your mood will elevate, and the hurdles that’ll get tossed your way later won’t seem as bad.

Drink a large glass of water

Alright, we’re dipping our toes in the “health and wellness” pool. Hear us out. We all know that hydration is key to not only feeling good but operating at our best level. Studies show that hydration can also affect our brain power — it helps us think better! By starting your day with a large glass of water, you’re not only kick-starting your hydration level, but you’re also checking off a big to-do item — to take care of yourself! This is such an easy task to complete, and the benefits are endless. Continue this habit throughout the day, and you’ll find yourself feeling better and likely being more productive. Bottoms up!

Do as much as possible the night before

This small habit has the power to improve your morning, every time drastically. By moving morning activities like picking out what you’re going to wear and packing your lunch to the night before, you’re shaving time off your morning. Here are a few common things you can do the night before that’ll make your morning less stressful:

  • Pack your lunch
  • Pack your gym bag
  • Layout your clothes
  • Tidy up the house
  • Put items you know you’ll need for the day at your door.

There are a lot of other strategies you can use to improve your morning, but we feel like the three above are some of the easiest to start doing now! Remember, how you start your day can drastically impact everything else — your mood, your work performance, everything. Get started on the right foot.