Why Your Marketing Strategy Won’t Ever Be Perfect

So, is that the most depressing blog title ever? Quite possibly. But it is the truth. Anyone who has been in marketing for a while knows this. The field of marketing is always changing. It’s never stagnant. Algorithms are in a constant state of adaptation and social media is constantly evolving. If you thrive under pressure and love learning, then congratulations — you’re in the right field!

If change makes you anxious, however, then there are a few ways you can make sure you always stay ahead of the marketing curve. While your marketing strategy won’t ever be perfect, (because if it is, it means you’re satisfied with the status quo), it should be forward-thinking and always on the frontend of any big trends.

Here are a few quick tips for making your marketing strategy (almost) perfect:

your marketing strategy plan

Join a marketing group.

There are literally thousands of marketers out there — and their job description doesn’t have to include “marketing” anywhere. If someone is killing the social media game or selling their product like hotcakes, then they are a good marketer. Make it a point to regularly meet up with these people and pick their brain about what they’re doing that works. These meet-ups can happen in person, over the phone or online. Join a private Facebook group, listen to podcasts, subscribe to e-newsletters — whatever you can do to get a constant stream of marketing tips and information, do it.

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Duplicate what works.

This sounds like an easy concept, but it can be trickier than you think. Because there a million and one ways to create content, it can be tempting to try them all out and see what works. But, a much easier and simpler way to modify your marketing strategy is to first take a hard look at what you’re doing right and duplicate that. What is your audience responding to? What has the most engagement? Once you get the answers to those questions, then you’ll have a better idea of what kind of strategy you should have in place. Be prepared – sometimes it’s not the sexiest material. If your audience goes gaga over an image that your marketing brain knows isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t post it again… it means you SHOULD. Always give your audience what they want.

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Plan and stay consistent.

Planning and consistency are two hallmarks of a strong marketing strategy. Planning ahead allows for more thoughtfulness and consistency creates greater loyalty. If your clients and prospective clients can count on you to always have content, and have that content be related to whatever it is they’re seeking, then you’re doing a good job. When you don’t plan, you’re throwing darts at a blank slate. Take time to schedule everything at least a week in advance, and always know what your overall mission is — and make that mission consistent in your marketing.