3 Easy Ways to Increase Engagement on Your Business’s Facebook Page

You’ve probably heard the old saying that “you can’t take likes to the bank.” While this is certainly true, it’s still important to have high engagement on your business’s social media platforms — especially Facebook. If you’re on a budget — or simply want some easy every-day ways to increase your page engagement — then consider using some of the below techniques. Carried out daily, these tricks can make a big impact on your overall Facebook footprint.

Encourage team members to get involved.

Whether you’re a mom-and-pop operation or a hundred-plus business, this tactic can yield big results. Encourage your staff to first, like your business’s Facebook page and second, invite their friends and family to do the same. Facebook provides an easy way to accomplish this…

  • Go to your business’s Facebook page
  • Beneath your cover photo, click the three dots on the menu bar
  • Select “Invite Friends”
  • From there, you can type in friends you’d like to invite to like your page, or you can segment your invitations by groups. For example, if your business is in the outdoors arena, and you’re already a member of an outdoor running group in your city, then inviting everyone who is a member of that group to like your page would be a great idea because they already might have an interest in your content.

Quickly respond to comments on your post

Facebook is a social platform — perhaps the most social of them all. Creating conversation on your posts is key to keeping people engaged with your page. If someone comments on your post, or tags a friend, respond to them! Tell them how much you value their opinion, especially if it’s a positive one. Most of the times, people don’t expect you to respond to their words. By directly engaging with your audience, you’re reminding them that you appreciate them. Plus, Facebook offers a little trick to invite people to like your page who have already liked one of your posts. When you view who has liked your content, there will be an option to invite members who haven’t actually liked your page. Do this for every post, and see your engagement spike!

Share your page’s content on your personal page

We’re living in an age where most of us now have two Facebook accounts. One for our business, and one for personal use. While it might seem too “pitch-y” to promote our brands on our personal accounts, it can have a big impact on our business’s engagement levels. Done with taste, sharing our “work content” on our personal page can remind our friends of how much we value what we do. After all, everyone is trying to drive more business to their 9 to 5. By asking our friends and family to come to us for their needs, we are showing pride in our business and reminding others of our passions.