5 Timesless Marketing Strategies

Some things never go out of style. Amidst the clatter of digital marketing and social media, these strategies stay tried and true. Here are some of our favorite marketing strategies that we don’t see going out of style anytime soon:

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Effective email marketing

The key word here is effective. Effective email marketing was once king, and it still kind of is today. Providing value to your customer through consistent email correspondence keeps you relevant in their mind. Finding the perfect balance of how many emails to send and what to say is a fine art.

Good Content

Taking the time to produce good content is a hallmark of many great brands. This can be through blogs, e-books or good ole fashioned snail mail. Producing good content can often take the back burner to bigger tasks, but it shouldn’t. Crop out some time each week to refresh your content — keeping it interesting and relevant.

Referral Rewards

For most businesses, the best acquisitions come from within. By always encouraging current customers to make referrals, you create an outlet for a constantly growing customer base. By rewarding customers who refer, you show that you value their time and money. That small recognition can go a long way for your business’s health.

Retention-based thinking

Echoing the importance of referral rewards, marketing toward your current customers is paramount to maintaining a healthy client base. In most cases, trying to replace a customer is much more difficult than trying to keep one. That’s why the sale doesn’t end when the credit card is swiped. The best businesses always have a plan in place for retention-based marketing.

In-person consultations

This is perhaps the most “old-school” form of marketing. Offering in-person consultations is the best way to make your mark. It gives you the opportunity to meet your potential customer and form a relationship. It’s proven that people are more likely to make a purchase from someone they truest. What better way to prove your worth than meeting face-to-face with someone?