7 Signs Your Marketing Strategy isn’t Working

Besides the obvious signs, like loss of leads and sales decrease, there are a few tell-tale signs that your marketing strategy isn’t working. Thankfully, these can all be fixed. The first step is acknowledging something isn’t working.


Here are 7 signs your marketing strategy is no longer working:

1.  Social media engagement is low

Hearing crickets on Facebook? Haven’t tweeted in a while? These are never good signs. A healthy social media presence is usually an indicator of healthy business. If you’ve been less than impressed with your business’s social media engagement, then it might be time to rethink your marketing strategy.


2. Your target audience isn’t engaged

Your social media presence might be on point, but what if you’re reaching the wrong audience? Knowing your ideal customer online is key to attracting strong business. A good way to ensure that you’re connecting with the right people is to do a routine “audit” of your online targeting. Figure out who is seeing you online, and whether or not they’re likely to buy your product.


3. You feel like you’re “throwing darts”

Ever feel like you’re simply trying any old strategy to try and get a sale? There’s a difference between being open-minded to new strategies and having an aimless strategy. If you’re simply trying anything and hoping it works, it might be time to spend a day, or a week, refining your strategy. Get deep into the weeds of data and crunch some numbers to come out with a strategy that is likely to work.


4. You hesitate to share your website

Your website should be your immediate calling card for business. If you’re not proud to share it, then it’s time for an online overhaul. (Check out our post on website redesign here) Consider looking at your website and identifying areas where you know you could improve.


5. There’s little organic interaction

While paid ads should receive the most engagement, there should still be some organic noise on your company’s social media. This shows that people are actively engaging with your brand. When’s the last time someone commented or shared a post? These are questions to always ask yourself.


6. Brand penetration is low

Do you feel like you’re effectively “getting through” to your market? Is it clear what your product offers? These questions should have immediate answers, and they should be a loud “yes.” If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.


7. You envy your competition

While a little envy is healthy, a lot is not. Your competition should be just that — competition. They shouldn’t be a giant mammoth stampeding on your market, leaving you in the dust. If you find yourself seething over your competitor’s success, then it’s time to rethink your strategy.