5 Things You Need for Personal Branding

When it comes to landing gigs, personal branding is everything. How we appear in web searches determines how potential clients view us (and our value). Factors like consistency, searchability and polished imagery all play a big role.

personal branding

If you’re looking to launch your personal brand, or just want to spruce up your current web presence, consider these 5 things that you (definitely) need to in order to look your best:

Professional Photography

Consistent, professional photography communicates organization and professionalism. All images on your website should be crisp, clear and attractive. Most business owners go as far as to make sure all their corresponding social media accounts have consistent imaging when it comes to their branding. And, with so many freelance photographers out there, it’s easier than ever to get sleek photos that’ll make your brand stand out.

Clear Messaging

When people visit your website, they should know exactly what you offer from the get go. Clear, simple messaging can make you stand out from a sea of muddled messaging. When your message is clear, your audience gets a firm, sound idea of what you do and who you are. This, subconsciously, can also convey a level of trust and security — both great characteristics when it comes to potential clients.

Strong Samples

Even if your messaging is clear and your images are on point, without strong work samples, your personal branding will fall flat. Designate a portion of your website solely for samples. Let visitors know what projects you’ve worked on, and that you can successfully take a project from start to finish.

Credible Reviews

Let your visitors know that you’ve had happy clients in the past. This will help ensure a level of trust, and encourage visitors to feel as if they could work well with you. Reviews act as your “stamp of approval” on the web, letting others know that you have a good track record.


Personal Flavor

Lastly, all personal brands need a little flavor. Don’t be boring. Any business can add a little flavor to their personal marketing, setting it apart from the others. Personal flavor can come in the form of sharing a little bit about yourself, or adding in humor (when appropriate). If you struggle with adding pizzaz to your web presence, consider getting an outsider’s opinion.