Our Favorite Ways to Recharge and Spark Creativity

We’ve all experienced it. Our creativity runs dry, and we find ourselves staring at a blank piece of paper (or screen) with absolutely nothing to say. It’s not a great feeling — but it happens.

When your creative reservoir runs dry, consider the below tricks for getting back to work and feeling fulfilled again:

Chang up your office space

We’re a strong believer in the importance of having an office space that encourages creative thinking. Most of us redecorate our homes routinely — why not our office, too? If you feel your creativity going stale, consider rearranging your office space and making your surroundings feel fresh again.


Pick up a bookCreativity Spark

This is a tried and true way to spark inspiration. We’re living in an age where blankly staring at a TV screen or scrolling through social media feeds is labeled as “relaxation.” These activities, although easy to do, can actually drain us and leave us feeling more depleted. Books, although they take more concentration, have the power of catalyzing new ideas and opening us up to new worlds. Pick up a book next time you feel yourself yearning for inspiration. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Plan a coffee date

Ah, caffeine. Sometimes a warm cup of coffee can work wonders for the soul. Better yet, share a brew with a friend and talk current events or recent projects. Having face-to-face interaction while getting a little extra pep in your step can instantly oil the mind’s engine and make work start to pump out again.


Take a day trip

Get out, get some fresh air, and see something new. Taking a day trip exposes you to a new area and fresh scenery. While on the road, crank up a podcast and enrich your mind with new viewpoints and strategies.


Reevaluate your daily schedule

Sometimes just switching up our daily schedule can reinvigorate us. Maybe you need to splash a workout in the middle of the day, or change up your morning commute. Switching up our day-to-day routines can instantly make things feel fresh and new again — affecting our outlook in a positive way.