YouTube Shorts

youtube shorts

Tik Tok swept the digital world as a leading social media platform. It didn’t take long for competitors like Instagram and YouTube to catch on to the powerful popularity of this short-form video app. You’ve probably heard of Tik Tok and Instagram Reels, but have you heard of YouTube Shorts?

Over time, YouTube has evolved like every other app or online platform. What started out as random video clips have transitioned to long-form content, influencer media, and now this new short-form version called shorts. Unlike before, YouTube is now taking its platform to a more social media-like site with this update.

YouTube Shorts was created in direct response to Tik Tok and Instagram Reels popularity. As a video-sharing platform, it makes sense they felt the need to respond to this video trend. While YouTube has offered the ability to film and edit content directly in the platform, it’s been a largely unused tool. Now, they’re offering even more detailed editing similar to that of Reels and Tik Tok.

Creating 15-60 second videos all within the app itself is easy. Adding music and text, adjusting the speed, and stringing multiple clips all together are just a few of the editing capabilities available to users. One primary difference to note between traditional YouTube videos and YouTube Shorts is the video orientation. Shorts are made to be viewed on a phone in the portrait orientation (vertical).

Influencers have a unique opportunity to rake in some cash through YouTube Shorts. They recently announced that content creators can make up to $10,000/month. This is an exciting fund they announced that officially launches this month. So, this is the ideal time to start your YouTube Shorts account!

If you’ve been creating content for Instagram Reels and Tik Tok, this is the perfect way to reuse content. Be warned, just like Instagram penalizes people who use low-quality videos or ones with logos (I.E. that floating Tik Tok one) so does YouTube Shorts. Each app wants you to create videos directly within its editing platform. So, keep this in mind as you go to start pushing out new content. It’s worth the extra time to edit within each different app.