Instagram Says It’s No Longer a Photo-Sharing App

instagram photo sharing

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, shocked the online world by announcing Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app. In a 2 and a half minute video, he shared 4 key updates users should be on the lookout for.

The majority of this short video is centered around video content. In it, he spoke about how Instagram wants to be upfront with their plans to shift the app in a new direction so users can know what to expect from them. This is a welcomed forewarning, especially for small businesses that rely on IG for customers and revenue.

Today we’re going to share those 4 updates with you as well as what it means for small businesses and marketing firms.

1. Instagram is Moving Towards Video

In reality, we all saw this coming. IG has stiff competition with Tik Tok and Youtube Shorts pulling a large online crowd towards video content.

With the popularity of Instagram Stories and new Instagram Reels, they’ve been pushing this direction for a while as they’ve tried to keep up. Mosseri simply confirmed our suspicions. He said that with the wild growth video is providing, they’re going to be “leaning into” it even more.

Their research has shown that a majority of IG users come to the app looking for entertainment. He recognized the stiff competition and the number of new apps popping up that they have to compete with. He also mentioned their plans to start embracing video even more.

One way they’ll be introducing more video content is through “recommendations.” This will be a way to introduce you to content and accounts you may not be following yet. They’ll also be providing an option for you to select topics you’d like to see more or less of. Additionally, they’re discussing more ways to involve video such as full screen, immersive content.

2. Creators

He didn’t touch much on this topic other than to say it’s a top priority for Instagram this year. He did drop a new video interviewing Mosheh Oinounou about creators. The main thing creators need to know is that IG is working towards creating a space for them to make money and have a pull that’s different from how major companies do.

Now is the time to research the difference between account types and find out which one best suits your business. Each has pros and cons. Perhaps though, a creator profile could make you more money as they roll out new updates geared towards them.

3. Shopping

With the shift of shopping going more towards eCommerce, Instagram is following the trend. Especially after 2020 and the pandemic accelerated this shift. IG is working to constantly update its shopping experience. You can now even set up a shop for physical products on your IG profile and sell products directly through the app. We can only imagine what else they have in store for the eCommerce space!

4. Messaging

Mosseri was candid with the fact that most people have stopped commenting on posts and have moved primarily to private messaging. Really, this is the summation of what Mosseri had to say on the topic. After their latest messaging update, we’re sure that there will be more in the near future.

So, what does all of this mean for businesses, influencers, and creators? It means we have time to prepare. It’s time to shift away from solely photo-sharing on Instagram and start working on our video strategy and finding a way to integrate it into our marketing plan. This is also the time to keep your eyes peeled for further updates from Mosseri and the Instagram team.

A few practical ways you can prepare for the shift are to start creating reels, experiment with IG TV, push out regular IG stories (with a focus on video, especially with real people highlighted in them), and test what your users want. You can see the type of content your users want by putting out IG story polls, asking questions, and providing a space for your users to give you their input.

We hope this Instagram update has helped and that you’re able to get a head start on your video content!