Why your brand needs a private group page

What’s the main goal of social media? Engagement.

Engagement encompasses a lot. Likes, shares, comments — these are all ways that your audience can engage with your product. Part of the appeal of having high-engagement rates is being able to gain new followers who might become new customers. Here’s an example — Sally loves a specific brand of gym shorts. She posts about them on her Instagram story and tags the brand. Sally’s friend Jessica is in the market for new gym shorts. She sees Sally’s post, texts Sally, and decides to buy the shorts when they go on sale. The power of social media, folks!

So, why would you want to take your public-facing presence into the private world? The answer is simple — so you can nurture the customers you already have. In this scenario, we’re specifically talking about Facebook, which offers an awesome outlet for creating conversation and genuine engagement through private groups.

How to harness the power of private Facebook groups

private group pages on Facebook

If your customers pay a monthly fee or “due” (examples — gym memberships, business societies, self-improvement coaching) then you NEED to be harnessing the power of private Facebook groups. Say you sell a resource that encourages users to stop eating sugary foods. You deliver recipes, meal templates, daily emails, etc. Along with this package, you should also include access to a members-only private Facebook group where members can share results, talk about their struggles and encourage each other. This, in effect, creates a community. It also creates a sense of exclusivity because you have to be specifically invited to join this group.

Now, community can be a very powerful thing. Community creates accountability. It creates a sense of belonging. If your customers feel like they belong, then they’re more likely to stay — and tell other people about the awesome community they found.

If you haven’t created a private group for your service yet, considering employing this powerful tactic today. By taking care of the customers you already have, you can maintain a powerful client base that believes in what you’re offering.